Monday, September 12, 2011

Sundays gaming

Yesterday our Flames of war group had a change of venue for the day as we joined the salt city wargamers at Walts hobby for the day. The salt city wargamers were putting on a civil war game and had invited us to join them. I figured this could be a good way for us to not only meet some other local gamers but possibly draw some more interest to Flames of war as well.

The civil war game was quite the game to see in my opinion. Being played in 10mm on an area a little smaller than the usual FOW table it was quite the grand battle taking place. here are some of the pictures I took of their game.  Click on the pictures to really see the quality of the units.
The table was impressive.
union artillery, zouaves marching in the background

union troops

The confederate lines

 The troops were painted to a much higher standard than I would have expected from 10mm, I was most impressed by the extreme variation of the confederate uniforms. I even spotted one trooper wearing a red shirt in the sea of greys and butternuts. I will have to try to get a chance to play in the next game.

I set up my Normandy table and once my group showed up we fought a couple of 1750 point battles as well.

 Twice a British Armored Reece company of Cromwell's and firefly's took on a German Panzer company.
Both battles resulted in a victory for the British tankers.

It was a good day of gaming and I am looking forward to being able to join the salt city wargamers again.


  1. Nice photo's, I like the flame markers, what are they??

  2. The plastic markers used in the civil war game are I believe from litko, very nice markers.

  3. Really nice pics, good stuff from both games.