Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenge accepted

A member of my local gaming group challenged my Germans to take on his Brit Commandos. I couldn't let such a challenge go unaccepted, so out came the .78 Sturmdivision to send them back to the Tea House with their tails between their legs. Most players expect certain things in an infantry force, but they rarely account for HMG's encased in solid concrete bunkers and Infantry running around in a Trench line. I do Love a Fortification list, I have run the Sturm about 10 times total and they have suffered one defeat. Today I ran 2 games, the first was a no retreat mission and I slaughtered the commandos, That game proved how valuable HMG's are, though having half of them encased in bunkers makes them survivable enough to make them worth having. Of course on the other hand my opponent now understands just how important it is to neutralize the rarely seen HMG's. My second game ended in a draw due to running out of time though I did have another surprise up my sleeve for him. Just as he got the remnants of a commando unit onto an objective my Pioneers launched a Goliath into his midst (yes I know its cheese but I like cheese). that was all she wrote for that unit. Unfortunately we had to stop just as I had 3 Marders contesting my objective on his side of the table (free for all) at the same time he moved up 4 priests. The game ended in a draw though it would have been mine if I had time to blow away the preists. oh well.

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