Monday, February 7, 2011


I haven't been happy with my pictures thus far so I thought I would try something new to see if I can get better pictures.
So here are some marders I did awhile ago taken today with my new photo setup.


  1. Well whatever you did, they look great, I like the netting, it looks very effective.

  2. Thanks, the netting is by far my favorite part of these. I got a couple of Military field dressings from a buddy when he got back from Iraq which I cut up and used the OD backing gauze to make the netting.

  3. Gotta love military "surplus" modeling materials. Good job Matt, I like how the palette of color leans more to green than the dark yellows you see out there. Sometimes people take that dunkelgarub (I know, I massacred the spelling) color too far, but I think you nailed it perfectly.