Sunday, March 13, 2011


I havent gotten much done recently. The escalation league began today and due to some last minute format changes I will not be running the soviets in the league. The league time was cut from six months down to 3 with only one meet per points level instead of two. With less time to paint and in interest in keeping the force mix close to balanced to reduce the blue on blue games down to a minimum I am running German panzergrenadiers.

Otherwise I may be out short on painting updates for awhile due to real life obligations and a nasty abcess in my gums making it difficult to even think about getting much done.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Japanese NCO

I completed this figure and got it all based up.I think the basing really makes it look good.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Soviet infantry

I have never claimed to be a fast painter, I have finally finished the first company of infantry for my soviet battalion. This is a complete company of 3 platoons one which is all sub machine gun teams, with its own Komissar and a maxim hmg team. I intend to do one more complete company and then a number of different support options I have available. I was going to do a Tankovy Battalion but I decided to just buckle down and paint the Infantry and do a Strelkovy Battalion as the massed infantry is what made me want to do soviets in the first place. The local Escalation league kicks off next weekend and I still haven't made a final choice for my list, though it is either going to be soviet infantry or back to Germans. I am the master of last minute decisions. If I go with Germans the Soviets may become my first mid war list, A horde of Fearless Conscripts will give the opposition a reason to run and hide.