Saturday, June 9, 2012

its been awhile

I know I haven't posted anything in awhile but life has come along lately and slowed much of my work down. The b-17 is coming along and I have completed the detailing of the radio compartment, and work is progressing on the cockpit and nose sections. unfortunately my camera has decided to play hide and seek without telling me first and boy can that camera hide. on another note, one which I would rather not admit to I have traded for a valhallan 40k army. I have always avoided 40k like the plague but that's mostly due to the attitude of the average player found in your local stores. I also never cared much for the figures I have seen, I HATE space marines. a friend of mine and long time 40k player showed me the Death korps of krieg figures from forge world, which I love. soon after that another friend offered up a valhallan army for trade, after looking at the figures which I had never seen before I found I really liked them. So some extra FOW items I didn't need anymore and a warhammer fantasy Empire army I had been looking to get rid of became a decent sized 40k army. I don't know how much I will play this game but I like the figures I have and I have a few friends which play and only for fun at that so maybe it will be ok.

So now that I have stepped over to the dark side I just want to know where the cookies are? I haven't gotten any yet.