Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A whole year!!

A year ago today I started this blog to follow my flames of war gaming. It wasn't the best year for Flames of war here but we are still holding on and playing on a weekly basis. Also anyone who has been following for even a minute or two has probably realized by now That I suffer from a severe case of the Ooh Shiny syndrome, So I just want to Thank you all for bearing with me this year And I look forward to 2012 bringing us all more hobby and gaming...............oh whats that..........Ooh Shiny...............

looking forward to another great year!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I havent posted much lately and that is due to the fact that I haven't done a thing worth posting here. I have become addicted to playing Minecraft, so instead of painting little men I have been building virtual structures. I did pick up a copy of Grey wolf to go with my Red bear. While in the store I  noticed they were giving away a free Gf9 turn counter with any minis purchase. While I don't need another turn counter I couldn't resist a freebie so I picked up some minis too and got my counter. I will hopefully soon be making a custom counter with it and once I get moving on that I will share it here.

As a side note anyone living in the Syracuse NY area interested in Flames of war is invited to come to Comix Zone in North Syracuse on Fridays during the month of February where I will be running demos beginning at 5:00pm.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This past Sunday I got a hold of some older fantasy minis. I knew these were coming my way for a couple of weeks though most of them were unseen before I received them. But now I have a slight issue, open them or not? it almost seems wrong to me. These have been in their little plastic and cardboard tombs for 20+ years now, when these were sealed up I had never even heard of miniatures gaming (I started much later than most of you). Somehow opening them feels just plain wrong.

 I love these minis, not only do they look 100 times better than 90% of the stuff available today but the citadel packaging is amazing, it is so bright and colorful and each faction having its own unique package really makes them feel unique. I will most likely add the skaven to the army I have in progress. The dwarfs however are another story, I love these sculpts, I wish I could get enough of them to make an entire army even if it never saw the field of battle it would still be worth it. However I will have to settle for the few I have and maybe a few more will find their way to me so I can paint them up and display them in my case.

I will be sure to share pictures of the individual sculpts once I crack open their tombs.
Skaven weapons teams
imperial dwarfs
marauder dwarfs

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year, new armies and new games

As I am holding back on Flames of war until I see the Version 3 rules I have been working on a a Warhammer fantasy skaven army. I am sure I have said this here before but I find it somewhat disturbing that I have these fantasy armies and I have never played the game. I see minis I like and I buy them, I plan armies, I plan out how I would use them on the field, yet I don't even know for sure how the rules work. I have someone who is going to teach me how to play fantasy sometime but I don't know for sure when that will be. of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't get sidetracked from this project just like the rest of them.

 So last night I went over to one of the local game shops and quickly got sidetracked from my skaven. I was given a demo game of warmachine by one of the local press gangers, as usual I cant remember his name. I was confused by most of the mechanics as they are so far off from what I am used to but I was impressed by the unique rules some models had. I played as khador, I had a warcaster and 2 warjacks, I remember the warcaster was soascha and one of the jacks was a kodiak, I dont remember what the other jack was. The kodiak had the ability to pick up an enemy and throw it which I thought was awesome even though it got slaughtered before it was able to pull of such a move but my warcaster was able to freeze the entire enemy force in place and she then charged up to the enemy warcaster and basically beat the hell out of him while he was frozen solid and couldn't do anything. the almost cinimatic quality of the game made me grin and I am now building a small Khador force of my own. The game apealed to me for a number of reasons but 2 of the big ones is the chance to play something other than Flames of war as there is a thriving group of players here as well as the chance that maybe as I get to know some of these other local gamers I can interest a few more people in Flames as well.

 I will try to get some pictures of both the growing saken horde and the warmachine force as soon as I can find my camera.