Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This past Sunday I got a hold of some older fantasy minis. I knew these were coming my way for a couple of weeks though most of them were unseen before I received them. But now I have a slight issue, open them or not? it almost seems wrong to me. These have been in their little plastic and cardboard tombs for 20+ years now, when these were sealed up I had never even heard of miniatures gaming (I started much later than most of you). Somehow opening them feels just plain wrong.

 I love these minis, not only do they look 100 times better than 90% of the stuff available today but the citadel packaging is amazing, it is so bright and colorful and each faction having its own unique package really makes them feel unique. I will most likely add the skaven to the army I have in progress. The dwarfs however are another story, I love these sculpts, I wish I could get enough of them to make an entire army even if it never saw the field of battle it would still be worth it. However I will have to settle for the few I have and maybe a few more will find their way to me so I can paint them up and display them in my case.

I will be sure to share pictures of the individual sculpts once I crack open their tombs.
Skaven weapons teams
imperial dwarfs
marauder dwarfs

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