Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Painting for profit....or not.

I Recently agreed to paint some battlefront Early war french. I received the models over the weekend and have begun the prep work on them. I have not taken the time to look over the list in blitzkrieg yet so I am not sure what the break down company wise is but there are 25 tanks and armored cars, an Infantry platoon and 2 artillery units. There is quite a bit to get done here and as I am being paid to paint these I cant take my usual super slow approach to them. 

 On the other side of things I have decided to take a break from my usual Flames of war group for the month. I have been Playing a lot of FOW this year and decided I needed to slow down a bit. Of course this is temporary and in no way means I am not working on stuff for myself either. I have picked up some 1/72 plastic Germans and soviets which I am painting up for some games of  NUT'S!.  I am enjoying the scale change quite a bit, The figures are painting up nicely and I like the variety of vehicle options available in the form of Plastic model kits.


  1. It's nice to paint something different for a change, I paint for a couple of mates as well as myself, at the moment I'm working one of my NYW Danish regts, Posties Russo-Japanese Russians and Fran's WWII early Brits, so I'm spoiled for choice!!

  2. He hasn't touched them the bloody liar but a change can be good for the mind.