Monday, December 26, 2011

years end and what to do next year

Christmas has come and gone this year, this means the end of the year looms all to close. 2011 was another year of started projects left sitting on shelves half done, as most years are for me. I want to try to finish some of these lost projects in 2012, as I always intend to, but never seem to. Of course the big news ending this year is the upcoming 3rd edition Flames of War rules next year.  and here is the video announcing the new rules, although I am sure everyone interested has seen it already.

This announcement has left me quite excited and looking forward to re learning my favorite game. On the other hand not knowing what changes are in store leaves me wondering if I should even bother trying to come up with any new list ideas, I have no idea what may be getting better or worse and that doesn't make me want to put to much effort into working on any of my models right now.

    Of course if I am not working on my Flames stuff I need something to do and that leaves me with 3 Warhammer Fantasy armies that have been begging for my attention. I don't play Warhammer but I have a good sized Empire army that is mostly built and primed but otherwise generally unpainted, a small Dwarf army which is still in its boxes and a few Skaven models which have been added to this Christmas Thanks to my wife buying me the current Starter box. Somehow I think it's time to get these models painted so I think I will work on either getting some of these empire troops painted or get a skaven horde going while I wait for the new Flames of War rules.

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