Saturday, February 18, 2012

Open For Battle!

For the last year and a half I have been working hard to promote and grow the Flames of war community here in Central NY, it has been a long haul. We have had a small group of players playing consistently through this time and I was giving demo games to anyone interested. Some weeks I was playing 3 days a week in my efforts to promote the game, and while this sounds great in theory after awhile it gets to be a bit much.

Table from a recent game
Here in Syracuse we are lucky enough to have two stores which actively cater to the gaming community. Having 2 competing shops means that to reach out to the community as a whole means I needed to be active in both stores, so I finally began running games in 2 locations on a regular basis. Through out this month I have been there every Friday night running demo games as well as playing actively with one of my regulars. The interest level surprised me, I ran more demos in the last couple of weeks than I had in the last year and almost everyone has shown a very high level of interest. We have picked up 2 new players locally as well as a couple which are on the fence but close to falling onto our side of it.

The best part of all this outside of new players is the fact that the interest level has been high enough that the new store gave Flames of war an official night on their calender and now stocks Flames of war, while the stock is minimal for now, as interest grows and sales move along the stock will grow. Syracuse now has 2 locations supporting Flames of war, Play the game, read the story and Comix Zone both open for battle.

Comix Zone initial Flames of war stock
As a final note on this post, while the work to grow the community is not and will never be over this is a huge moment for me. As such I want to thank everyone who has been there by my side in one form or another. Thank you Randy for getting the ball rolling here initially, without your efforts I wouldn't be where I am with this now and Thank you Brandon and Jeff for being there week after week playing game after game.


  1. Awesome to hear the great support. Bravo !

  2. Flames of War should be thanking you for your efforts as well, good work sir.....

  3. Great work. Looks like you will end up with a good pool of players to play against.