Tuesday, February 1, 2011

escalation league.

Task Force Orange, Syracuse Flames of war is starting a Flames of War Escalation league beginning this coming March. Beginning in  March we will be playing at 600 points and adding points each month until August when we will hit a full 1750 points and hold a Nationals Qualifier tournament. Although I could Simply use army's I already own and add a few new units each month I decided I would use this as an excuse to build up my Russian Tankovy list.

 At 600 Points I will have a whole 2 units on the Table, its gonna be hard to attack and defend for awhile. My 600 point list will comprise of a Battalion Commander Mounted in a T-34/76 and one company of 8 more T-34/76, Supporting the Tanks will be a motostrekovy Company of one Platoon and a single Maxim HMG and a Commissar team to keep them all in Check. I have almost completed the motostrekovy platoon and the T-34's are close to being completed.
In true Russian Fashion the command and Commissar teams lead from the rear

I Played a Game with them this Past Sunday that taught me just how difficult a time German armor can give these guys. I ran against a German Panzer Company with 4 PanzerIV and a PanzerIII along with a platoon of Panzer Pioneers. The Panzers tore me up and simply absorbed most of my return fire.
A thorough Thrashing was had on both sides

Eventually I managed to destroy all 5 of his Panzers at the cost of 7 T-34's. It was a quite the fight and looked bad for me for awhile. once all his Panzers were gone My infantry got up and brought the fight to the Fascist invaders. At this point my larger infantry force poured over the pioneers and took the objective winning the battle for the glory of the Russian people.

Now of course I have to point out that this was only the 3rd or 4th time my opponent had played the game and he is still learning what does and does not work. Though he did put up a good fight and I learned just how nasty German armor can be when all you have is some all but outdated tanks to face him with.

The battle is won, Vodka For all!

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  1. Nice job on the russian infantry, I'e managed to collect and paint a rather large Russian army which is somewhere on an older posting, looking forward to seeing more from you over the months