Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dystopian wars

I am way overdue for an update but painting 15mm infantry finally drove me nutty. For the last few months I keep hearing about this new game from spartan games called Dystopian Wars, looking at the minis something about them just made me smile. I am a sucker for cool minis and seeing the Prussian fleet box in stock at my local store I just couldn't help myself. So now here I am painting a bunch of steampunk styled ships.
Prussian Empire Arminius Class Frigates  

The starter Boxes contain 1 Battle ship, 3 Cruisers, 9 Frigates, 2 bombers and 10 Tiny Fighter tokens as well as cards for each unit and all the templates and tokens you need (cardstock). I was impressed with the amount of stuff in the box, 2 starter fleets, a rule book and your lucky D6 collection and your ready to play. I of course have already ordered a second fleet and aircraft carriers to compliment each of the fleets.

Frigates are done now to complete the rest of the fleet.