Sunday, May 1, 2011

Millitary collector

 It has been said that I have too many different hobbies, and its true. I not only paint minis build models and play games but I also have a classic car and a militaria collection to keep me occupied and my wallet empty. Today I went to the NYS militaria Collectors Association show. I Collect about anything from the second world war and earlier with a strong focus on WW2. Today I picked up a small grouping which consists of a single dogtag a marksmanship badge (with rifle tab) and a combat infantryman's badge.
nice small U.S. Grouping

 Its a nice grouping of fairly common items but having them all come from the same GI makes a nice set.

I also picked up a German Wound badge, this is similar to the U.S. Purple heart and came in 3 grades depending on the number of wounds received in combat, they came in Black, Silver and gold.

Wound badge
This is the post 1942 version of the silver wound badge, it is cast in a whitewashed zinc. it looks darker in the above picture than it actually is.

And finally I picked up a Tin of 50 German Atikah Cigarettes which is still sealed, its an odd item but I doubt I will ever see another and I just couldn't pass it up.

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