Monday, May 9, 2011

there is no kill like overkill

Our league here is coming down to the last couple of games. Running German infantry against mostly armor lists I have been hurting for AT support at the low point levels, now the points are in my favor and the question is which variety of overkill shall I take? 3 panthers and 3 Brumbars or 2 jagdpanthers and 3 stugs? yes it might be a bit overkill but who doesn't enjoy just a hair of overkill now and again. so I put it to you all out there to help me decide, tell me what you would take and why.

This thought also gave me an excuse to finish up the last bits on my Jagdpanthers, photos shall be up soon.


  1. Go with the panthers and brummbars. It gives you one extra unit one the table as well some Bunker Busters should anyone decide to hide indoors.

  2. I thought about that but I am facing Armor with very little infantry support more often than not. I like the idea of the stugs for the range, though the brums are nasty once your enemy gets close.

  3. I'd go with the jagdpanthers. I ran them in our last tournament.

    They didn't do much killing except in one game where they decimated some M10's...

    but the fear factor alone let other units do their job.

    there were a 45 tonnes of fun.