Monday, May 30, 2011

escalation league complete

We completed our escalation league yesterday. I had originally wanted to run some AAR's from the league but found it difficult to keep tabs on what happened in the games, at some point I will make a point of playing a game for an AAR just to see how well I can do it. The real news from the league is that the majority of lists in the league were Armor lists, there were 2 Infantry lists both of which struggled at low points. The league was predominantly new players or players who had played in the past (mostly version 1 I believe). Early on at low points the armor lists were running right over the infantry lists, but as the infantry was able to add A/T assets the tanks began having a rough time. British 17pdr guns were pounding tanks left and right! At one point I did bring the cheese supporting my Panzergrens with brumbars and the last couple of games I brought out my rarely used Panther platoon, this gave the armor players a difficult time. The 2 infantry lists, my Panzergrenadiers, and a company of British rifles, came out in first and second place.

I would like to thank Randy for the time and effort he put into the league, without him this would have not happened and Syracuse, NY Would still be a FOW dead zone, I would also like to congratulate him on Taking First place and without a doubt showing that Infantry can win the day!

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