Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Finished the jagdpanthers today. these have been sitting on my shelf half done for I think almost 2 years now, I really like the models but its hard to push myself to finish something until I want to use it. Now that they are done finaly I am wondering if I will use them or not, oh well.

I took a bunch of pictures but my camera hates me and only one came out decent.


  1. Nice work mate, looking really nice. You might want to hit it with a bit of Matt varnish to take a little of the shine off but looking good all the same :)

  2. Nice work. A job well done.

  3. I know everyone says this but they really aren't shiny. This has to be an issue of having a crappy photo setup (which I freely admit to). Also the dulcoat over the future (for decals and washes) does look a hair smoother than without the future but not shiny as the pics seem to indicate.