Thursday, November 3, 2011

Once upon a time in Germany

I came across this set at the Battlefront booth at Fall-In and for some reason had to have it. It is one of the Wargames illustrated vignettes but is a show exclusive meaning you cant order it anywhere.  it is 28mm and includes figures of Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goring, Martian Bormann, and Heinrich Himmler, Along with the banner and the Dias they all stand on. While I admit the subject matter will not appeal to many I can see this sitting in my display case along with my small collection of German equipment and medals.

I picked up a decent bit of terrain at the show as well and will be showing some of that here as I get it painted. I discovered Mark IV terrain and was quite impressed I will be reviewing some of their products soon.


  1. I probably would have bought it just for the minis, was it in any other scale?

  2. No 28mm only. If it was in other scales i also would have bought it to use the minis. I can just see an assasinate hitler senerio game.