Thursday, March 29, 2012

Current project

I have been going pretty hard on the painting lately but haven't stopped long enough to take any pictures. Silly me, not taking pictures doesn't leave me much to share on the blog, and if I'm not going to share why bother. I guess the answer is to take a picture. So here is a sneak peek at what I am currently working on.

To quote a shirt I recently saw "Share the love, Lend Lease"

My soviet army is about to get its own recon Company and thus far what a pain in the rear it has been. I decided to build this army awhile ago but took a little time getting the funds to buy the needed models together. I decided to buy some Old Glory Scout cars from the command decision line as I needed 13 of them and the cost of buying Battlefront made my wallet kick me in a naughty place. Well after a month of no reply to repeated emails and phone calls to the retailer I ordered them through I gave up and ordered Battlefront through My local shop and had them in 2 days. So much for my wallet, it's really mad at me right now.

On to the building of these things. Trying to clean mold lines and flash off 52 little wheels last night about drove me nutter than I already am and I now have some nice file marks embedded into my fingers. of course then you have to get the wheels all glued on and even so the trucks don't wobble around on 3 wheels, which 3 or 4 of them ended up doing anyway, thankfully its minor. in the back row you can also see the 3 quad .50 half tracks, these aren't so bad as they use the plastic sprues for the wheels, tracks and front bumpers. I honestly prefer the metal parts to the plastic here though I do wish the quad guns were plastic as keeping the 4 guns straight is a nightmare, most of my German quad AA guns are missing at least one barrel due to breakage from fixing the over the last few years. Thus far everything is together and primed with the new Vallejo Color surface primers in Olive Drab. Detail work will continue on these over the weekend hoping to get them on the table this Monday night. They wont be done then however as I have the Soviet crew figures to fill them out with, Cant have anyone thinking these guys are fighting for the Americans now can we?


  1. These are nice and my wallet hates me all the time!

  2. That’s too bad about your dealings with Old Glory. Trust me, Battlefronts scout cars are much, much nicer than the ones offered by Old Glory.