Sunday, March 11, 2012

A sneak peak

One of the guys I game with regularly went to cold wars this weekend and had a small picture to share. He got the ok from the BF reps there for me to share it with you all.

I realize just uploading this picture is a huge tease seeing as how I don't have any other information other than a Mid April release. Once I talk to him next week I will share whatever Info I can get.

I just found a good bit of information on the book and what it contains over at the Flames of war forums. here is a link to the Topic


  1. Yes that's a major tease, but a good one! I wonder if there will be any new terrain items from the Battlefield in a Box range to accompany the release?

  2. There are cobblestone roads - BF sent us a free set to add to our store terrain.

    I imagine the train station is not far from release.

    Here is a summary of the new book: Reluctant Trained Panthers! Tank Aces! Everyone makes a Sherman Tank Company!

  3. Nice. I will be looking forward to the train station myself. I agree that the shermans are going to become very popular. We are now up to about 10 players locally and tank aces may be just the thing with the high number of new players.